The Best Place to Work


By Judy Ryan

Had you ventured downtown to 18th Street and Second Avenue South a couple of years ago, there wouldn’t have been much to interest you in sticking around.  In fact, you may have been lost on your way to UAB’s medical or university campuses. Railroad Park was in the midst of its construction, but that’s about it. The buildings on that corner were all rundown and pretty much abandoned, covered in graffiti.  Not a pleasant place to work.

Fast forward two years, and you will find that this intersection has been transformed into one of the key crossroads of an urban rebirth.  Business has come back.  People have come back.  Railroad Park is a daily and weekly destination for the people who work downtown and families come from all over the city to take part in events there on weekends.  And at the end of the block is the new Regions Baseball Field.  Birmingham couldn’t have asked for a better entertainment venue in a better location.  You can view the entire city skyline from anywhere in the stadium.

I work at that crossroads in a building called Railroad Square.  And in that building I work at Shannon Waltchack. We are small in number, but mighty in purpose.  The men who started this company have a vision for what real estate is.  In fact, this building was the vision of one of them.  Railroad Square was a departure from the buildings and retail shopping centers all over our great city that Shannon Waltchack had previously developed. It has combined the past with the present in its interior design, leaving most of the exterior as it was. This building is just one in our ever growing portfolio.

So why the best place to work?  In real estate, the mantra is “location location location”.  But when it comes to a positive work environment, its all about the who, and not just the where. We have the best people in the commercial real estate industry working at Shannon Waltchack.  Every person that works in our office has the drive and the knowledge required to make us one of the best commercial real estate firms in Birmingham. We treat each other with respect and integrity, because for all of us there is one big reason why.  Our clients and our investors rely on us.

As far as the location goes, we are at a key crossroads in the revitalization of Birmingham both from where we are located but in a larger sense as one of the catalysts of this important time in Birmingham’s history.  

And don’t forget, at Shannon Waltchack, WE LOVE REAL ESTATE!

So why the best place to work? In real estate, the mantra is “location location location”. But when it comes to a positive work environment, its all about the who, and not just the where.

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