Real Estate Investment

Shannon Waltchack began with a love of real estate and a passion for community enrichment. Knowing the prospects and perils of commercial real estate are critically important in serving both our investors and clients well.

the difference

By owning, developing, and managing a broad range of properties across the southeast, we are skilled at analyzing our clients’ investments. Our extensive network of leasing contacts and vendors means saving you valuable time and resources. We take pride in offering discerning processes and substantial experience because we care about your property investment as much as you do.

limitless possibilities

Birmingham is the perfect example of the Shannon Waltchack vision becoming a reality. In recent years, we’ve been able to turn a dilapidated and all-but-abandoned urban area into a series of thriving and highly sought after properties alongside the award-winning Railroad Park. After pioneering re-urbanization efforts in Birmingham, we continue to actively seek out ways to revitalize and enhance communities across the southeast. Opportunities for creative redevelopment and adaptive reuse are at the very heart and soul of Shannon Waltchack.