Positive Maturity, Inc.

3918Montclair Road, Ste 200 Birmingham, AL 35213

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SW: In a sentence or two, tell the readers a little bit about your business.

Our mission is to enhance the lives of mature adults through social services and civic engagement.  We serve the communities of Shelby, Walker, Blount, and Jefferson counties.

SW: What makes your business unique?

Positive Maturity strictly serves the senior population.  A great aspect of our organization is that we offer so many different services for seniors.  We have employment, volunteer, and geriatric social service resources in our office.  Our organization doesn’t just serve the Jefferson County community, but we also serve Walker, Blount, and Shelby counties.


SW:  In this roller coaster of an economy, describe in one word the key to success.


SW: What is the funniest or wildest thing that has ever happened or you have found on your property?

One of our directors dressed up as Snow White for Halloween and went around “trick-or-treating” to all of the offices.  One of the ladies said she was stuck in the elevator once, as well as the bathroom, whenever the power had gone out. 

SW: Where would you like to see your business in three years?

We would like to see our agency reach more seniors in areas where there are few to no volunteers or volunteer stations.  We would also like to be more of a presence in the public eye, and find out what the needs of baby boomers are as they age.   

SW: What do you enjoy most about your business?

Being able to serve our target demographic is a very rewarding experience for us.  We reach them and impact their lives in so many useful and creative ways.  It is nice working with such a diverse group of people who can all share and benefit from different expertise and experience.  Our office is located in a very convenient location to many of the businesses, volunteer stations, and other organizations we work with and are affiliated with. 

SW: Any interesting company traditions?

We don’t necessarily have any traditions “out of the norm,” but we do enjoy celebrating for birthdays. We also like throw going away parties for members of our staff moving on to other projects in their professional careers.  We also participate in traditional office celebrations for Christmas. This month we are starting our first “Tasty Tuesday,” in which a member of our office prepares one of their favorite dishes to serve at our monthly staff meeting.  These will typically have a theme and other members of our staff will assist in preparing and bringing food. 

SW: What makes Shannon Waltchack stand out from other CRE firms?

The employees at Shannon Waltchack have always been very kind and courteous whenever we have needed to call on them for any questions or concerns regarding the office.  They have always been fairly quick about answering maintenance calls and getting things fixed.  Sam is a very respectable and courteous maintenance employee, and we always enjoy seeing him around and having him respond to our calls.  The property is always well-maintained and the level of professionalism from the other building tenants is very good. 

Our mission is to enhance the lives of mature adults through social services and civic engagement. We serve the communities of Shelby, Walker, Blount, and Jefferson counties.

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by Suzanne Echols