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Elements Float Spa, located in the rapidly-growing Cahaba River Road Corridor, is unlike any other Shannon Waltchack tenant, offering the only float spa treatment in the Birmingham Metro Area. Clients enter a floatation pod filled with an epsom salt solution at 97 degrees Fahrenheit and float for one hour. Float spa therapy encourages relaxation and meditation, as well as a host of other benefits like stress relief and pain relief. Elements Float Spa provides a calming, relaxing environment at their immaculate facility located at 4851 Cahaba River Road. Property Administrator Jennifer Wood decided to share her first hand experience at the float spa. Scroll down for her testimonial!

First, we interviewed co-owner Kristine to get you all you need to know about Elements Float Spa:

Years in Business:
Less than one. We opened July 31st of this year!

In a sentence or two, tell the readers a little bit about your business:
Elements Float Spa and Wellness Center is dedicated to the overall improvement of individuals’ quality of life. We offer 60-minute float sessions and Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna sessions that range from 15 – 45 minutes based on individual needs.

A float session is 60 minutes in a high tech pod filled with 10 inches of filtered water and 900 lbs. of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt. The solution is heated to 93.5 degrees (F) – the average skin temperature, and creates a zero gravity environment. Floating in darkness and silence (sensory deprivation) allows the brain to relax and every muscle and joint in your body to relax and decompress. The result is immediate reduction in pain, release of toxins in the body, and an increase in the production of endorphins (the “feel good” hormone). One 60-minute session is equivalent to 4-6 hours of REM sleep – something most people are in desperate need of, and the absorption of magnesium from the salt. Studies have shown that nearly 90% of Americans are magnesium deficient and this mineral is so crucial to maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, keeping the heart rhythm steady, supporting a healthy immune system, keeping bones strong, regulating blood sugar levels, and is known to be imperative in energy metabolism and protein synthesis.

The full spectrum infrared sauna is uniquely different than a traditional steam sauna in that it increases your core body temperature in the same way that exercise does. A 30-minute sauna session burns 600 calories – the equivalent of aggressively walking 3 miles! Other benefits include blood pressure reduction, pain relief, muscle recovery, detoxification (7 times more effective than steam sauna), reduction of wrinkles and fine lines and relaxation.

What makes Elements Float Spa unique to Birmingham?
Elements is the first and only Float Spa in Birmingham (and the entire state of Alabama). That alone makes us very unique, but what we really consider our biggest unique quality is that there are no boundaries on who our services can benefit. People of every age, physical condition and mental state will realize immediate and long lasting benefits with their first float session. Narrowing to a few examples, Law students that float while studying for the Bar Exam have significantly higher scores. Athletes and performance artist have greater coordination and execution. Veterans experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder experience reduced stress, anxiety and nightmares. People suffering from migraines or arthritis experience immediate relief and long-term relief with a continued floating schedule. Floating is probably one of the only opportunities people have to completely tune out of all the noise in the world and explore “inner space”. This alone allows customers to leave with an energetic and euphoric feeling that lasts for days!

What do you love about Birmingham?
Having moved from two large and chaotic places – Washington DC to San Antonio, TX and finally here to Birmingham over 15 years ago, I (Kristine, co-owner) am still impressed with the beauty of the city and surrounding suburbs. The pride that native “Birminghamians” take in their city and communities is a rare and beautiful thing. People work hard to show concern and camaraderie for both friends and strangers. It took some getting used to at first, but it’s one of my favorite things about this city and something I try to always emulate.

What is the funniest or wildest thing that has ever happened on your property?
We opened on July 31st (coincidentally, Kele’s (co-owner) birthday). We were so busy that I was able to shop, set up and decorate for a surprise birthday party in the front lobby without him ever noticing. It was such a fun end to a wonderful first day – we were surrounded by family, friends and customers as we celebrated his birthday AND our opening!

What do you enjoy most about your business?
The absolute best thing about owning Elements Float Spa is being able to provide people with such a beneficial experience. They leave with the “ultimate feel good” and in turn we’re left with the “ultimate feel good”… It’s a perfect win-win!

Any interesting company traditions or facts?
Because part of our strategy for success is being able to provide physical, mental and even spiritual healing to everyone, we provide weekly specials to enable those with restrictive budgets to be able to join the experience.

What makes Shannon Waltchack stand out from other Commercial Real Estate firms?
This is our first business venture so we don’t have any previous experience for comparison, but what we can confidently say is that Shannon Waltchack has provided us with an excellent experience in pre-opening as well as after opening. Jennifer (Property Administrator) has been amazing with a quick and informative return of information any time we have questions and Andrew (Principal) has been great to work with in terms of questions or situations we have needed assistance with.


Property Administrator, Jennifer Wood shares her experience with her “first float” below:

When I arrived, I was given a full tour of the facilities and basic information about floating, what to expect, etc. I came armed with several questions and all were answered with confidence. The float room is fully-equipped with anything you may need including a shower with all toiletries, changing area with a robe, slippers, etc.  You can even bring your iPod to plug into the speakers during your session. I was told that for the first float, silence and darkness are best as you learn to relax.  I was then left alone to get into this salt water pod. I chose no music and complete darkness. It doesn’t matter anyway about the light because you’ll want to keep your eyes closed so no salt water gets in; although there is a spray bottle of fresh water and a washcloth in the pod with you in case you do get any of the salt water in your eyes.

I heard that people fall asleep while floating. That worried me. How is this possible without drowning? I learned that the high buoyancy of the water makes it impossible to go beneath the surface, with 1000 pounds of salt in the pod. Being who I am though, I kept trying to force my legs to stay under. It took way too much effort and I thought, “Why am I wasting my relaxation time by trying to fight this process?” So, I just let myself float. Then my mind wandered… “Did I turn down the ringer on my cell? What if it rings? Did I lock the door? I thought I really knew how to relax until I got into the pod.

On a daily basis have so much going on…family, work, friends, money, etc that consume our thoughts that truly relaxing is much harder than I imagined. I was able to let it all go and really let myself wander into the moment at hand. I started falling asleep and soon afterwards the light came on and the filter started and my 60-minute session was sadly over.

I got out and stepped into the shower. Your skin doesn’t wrinkle because of the high levels of Epsom salt, so you come out with super soft skin.  Outside of the float room, there is a vanity room equipped with hair dryers, rollers, lotions, hair products…everything you need to step back out into the real world again.

I’m definitely doing this again.

Elements Float Spa, located in the rapidly-growing Cahaba River Road Corridor, is unlike any other Shannon Waltchack tenant, offering the only float spa treatment in the Birmingham Metro Area.

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by Suzanne Echols