SW Fun Week


This week the partners showed the staff and brokers their appreciation with some fun, unexpected treats. We enjoyed services from local businesses that we had never tried before, such as lunch from Brava Rotisserie Grill, an ice cream social by Big Spoon Creamery, massages by Lightworks Chair Massage and finally an indoor bouncy castle. It was a blast to let loose a little bit each day. Although these “things” are all wonderful, we were really more impressed that our partners wanted to do something special for us. #SWFUNWEEK was awesome.

“Even if it seemed goofy, these little “happies” make us feel loved. My shoulder ached, until I had my lunchtime chair massage.  My shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore, neither does my head. Lightworks was great. The bouncy castle was a good workout with lots of laughs.” – Susan Gray, Controller

“Thanks to the wonderful partners of Shannon Waltchack for being so thoughtful and generous to show us all how special we are to the company.  Lunch from Brava on Monday was amazing and the Lightworks massage on Wednesday was fantastic and absolutely needed after killing myself at the gym because of all the ice cream I ate on Tuesday from Big Spoon Creamery!” – Jennifer Wood, Property Management

“I really think it was nice of the partners to show their appreciation of us by having #SWFUNWEEK!  I know they appreciate the jobs we do on a daily basis, and they do thank us, but this was just the best!  I think it brought all of us in the office together, partners, brokers, and staff, to do some fun things while still being able to get our work done.  We should have a fun day once a month or once a quarter- it relieves the stress!” – Judy Ryan, Office Manager

by Suzanne Echols