Paint the Town Orange

Since our inception in 2005, we have grown from a company of 3 to a thriving team of 25. In that time, we have not only evolved as a company, but also matured as a brand. The original logo was centered around a tree, a metaphor of the stability and strength of a well-conceived real estate investment.
About 5 years later we refreshed the tree, modernizing the typeface, and adding our tagline. This logo served us well, through periods of significant growth and momentous projects.
To mark our tenth anniversary, we committed to a strategic review of all aspects of our business. One stand-out area was the need to tweak our imaging and particularly our marketing signs. While attractive, our predominant colors have been brown and green, so our signs were the same colors as their surroundings. We needed a color that would “pop.” After all, the purpose of a sign is to be seen and to motivate an action. This year, you may have noticed a transformation of signage that’s already evidenced on our completely rebooted website. We partnered with Scout Branding to make it all happen!

As we “paint the town orange” with our marketing signs, we hope you’ll have an easier time spotting our listings. We are enjoying watching the transformation throughout Birmingham. Thanks for your support!



by Suzanne Echols