Meet the SW Property Management Team

Shannon Waltchack Management’s experienced Property Management team ensures that all properties receive proper care and attention. The Property Managers manage long term improvement projects alongside immediate property issues – never a dull moment with a management portfolio of 80+ properties. As the portfolio expands, the team is focused on meeting the needs of both owners and tenants.

Since joining the team one year ago, Director of Property Management Laura Anderson has been committed to building a team of property managers with talent, experience and high-level customer service skills. In the past 4 months, the team added Senior Property Manager Jeff Chopin, CPM and Associate Property Manager Chelsea Maher.

Jeff oversees the day-to-day operations of office and retail properties in the managed portfolio. He is responsible for achieving superior operational results and financial performance for ownership, while also working closely with tenants to provide best in class services. Jeff focuses on managing projects from start to finish, adding value for tenants and owners along the way. Read Jeff’s bio.

Chelsea Maher manages the Tenant Help Desk as the first point of contact for all tenant issues and requests and oversees maintenance personnel. Chelsea’s responsive nature and get-it-done attitude both add significant value to the team. Read Chelsea’s bio.

In addition to new colleagues, two veteran team members were promoted within the department. Amanda Parrott started out as Associate to Property Manager, and quickly moved up to Property Manager. Elizabeth Pate followed the same path from Associate to Property Manager. Both Amanda and Elizabeth are passionate about finding creative solutions for tenants and providing reliable service.

“Our team exemplifies ‘Best-in-Class’ management with a commitment to excellence. It is an honor and a privilege to work alongside this group of highly qualified and motivated professionals every day. That is why I am so confident about our bright future together, in the beautiful Magic City of Birmingham and beyond,” said Laura.

The Shannon Waltchack Property Management team is involved in the local Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) Chapter 43, where Laura serves as the 2018 Chapter Secretary. The Property Management team attends IREM meetings and participates in continuing education regularly to continue developing expertise in the field. Amanda and Elizabeth are CPM Candidates.

L to R: Elizabeth Pate, Jeff Chopin, Laura Anderson, Amanda Parrott and Chelsea Maher


“Our team exemplifies ‘Best-in-Class’ management with a commitment to excellence."

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by Suzanne Echols