Shannon Waltchack is planning to redevelop the Edgewood Service Center, located at 1017 Oxmoor Road. The current owner has decided to retire, offering a rare opportunity for new growth in the bustling Edgewood community. SW plans to create three retail/office spaces within the building, while preserving its history as a beloved neighborhood service center. “Adaptive reuse is a much more sustainable model of development. The hard part is finding the right sites. This one checks all the boxes,” said SW Partner Derek Waltchack.

Michael Murray, an Edgewood resident, is the lead broker on the redevelopment project. “Edgewood is a special place – it’s my home. We want to find retailers that are as unique as the neighborhood and will add to our sense of community,” Murray said.

The project’s mission is to find retailers that will enhance the neighborhood’s family-friendly appeal. “We’re in negotiations with a couple concepts but are looking for more. We have 2,000-5,000 square feet available and a 2,000 SF office space upstairs,” Murray said.

“I see this project as sister to our Hollywood project on the east side of Homewood. We love breathing life into older properties in great locations,” Waltchack said.

Edgewood has seen a positive evolution over the past 10 years as one of the chief shopping districts in Homewood. Popular shops and restaurants thrive in the community, which possesses inimitable small-town charm. Edgewood is home to some of Birmingham’s most popular restaurants including SAW’s BBQ, Taco Mama, New York Pizza, as well as Dreamcakes, Edgewood Creamery, a local pharmacy, bridal shop and others.

For the past 55 years, the Edgewood Service Center has operated as an auto service shop serving the greater Homewood population. “The current owner, C.G. Pettus, has deep roots in the community, having operated here for almost 40 years, and we hope our project will build on that legacy. Mr. Pettus has been extremely helpful and great to work with,” said SW broker Michael Murray.

The image above is a conceptual rendering, it is subject to change.

We want to find retailers that are as unique as the neighborhood and will add to our sense of community,” Murray said.

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by Suzanne Echols